Body Slim

Body xcell-endermatic system

Our Body Slimming Program is provided with the latest technology to apply vibration, pressure, or other stimuli for an effective and deep massage. Manipulation of body tissues, movement of muscles, enhanced bloodflow and other health benefits—plus relaxation and rejuvenation for the spirit. Your body will thank you for focusing on areas that are neglected, inactive, fatigued, stressed, or overworked.

Over time, a balanced regimen of regular activity, and attention to health and good circulation, with proper eating and adequate rest, can help you appear dramatically younger in age, remove unwanted pounds, reveal the slim and vital person you are meant to be.

Single Visit: $98, 10 visit package: $899    
Treatment time: 60minutes

Treatment includes 30minutes of muscle vibrating apparatus using Weight Losing Machine or Cellu bb body xcell Machine plus 30minutes of heated Spa System.